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Quality - High quality material that will last a lifetime.high-quality definition: our products or services are very good, well-made, etc

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Great quality product Soft and comfortable. Very durable and tolerates being washed often on high temperatures. Tolerates considerable sun exposure

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The equipment and aids for Crafted with Care ateliers have been especially developed for small-scale but efficient production.

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We are searching for a way to show our clients how much we love helping their businesses grow.

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We are specialized in designing developing producing and sailing company

We are designing, developing, producing a sailing company. We major in hot & cold series products such as hot & cold pack, instant cold & hot pack, hand warmer/hot pack, icebox/pack/bag, bottle cooler, eye mask, gel slipper/insole, first aid kit, pet cool mat and cool cushion, maternity belt for puerpera,electric heating series, physical therapy equipment maintenance, electric heating or cold clothes, electric mini hot cold refrigerator, electric heating pet mats, electric heating bottle warmer, far infrared therapy room etc.

As the years’ effort, we put all heart in developing skills and technologies. The perfect product from us can improve your life and help in many fields. We have the Europe/US/Australia/Jp/Korea and the mid-east market developed successfully. We pursue the best quality for your every time satisfaction. Honestly, welcome you to our company and negotiate business here. We are sure to make mutual benefit in the near future with you.
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Eye mask usb steam hot apply eye mask electrically heated heating sleep shade air-permeable eye care massager

Suitable for dark circles, bags under the eyes, lack of sleep, eyesight fatigue crowd!

USB charge electric carbon fiber far infrared heating neck pad wrap for neck pain and tension relief hot therapy neck wrap.

Graphene New Far Infrared Massage Electric Waist Heating Belt

Relieve and prevent wasit muscle ache, bone hyperplasia, Improve blood circulation of waist and abdomen.

New design cold winter warming Massage USB electric heating knee pad wrap far infrared heated.

Far infrared light waves health preservation tank(New product)

Let sweat steam become more casual and comfortable

1:intelligent key control panel

2:graphene carbon crystal heating plate

3:360angle Tai chi foot massage,simulated real person kneads massage technique,relieve fatigue

4:equip Chinese heabal medicine mugwort,moxibustion therapy,Improve blood circulation,Improve cold feet and legs,Stimulate the plantar acupoints,allaying tiredness,relieve the pressure etc.

Ideal for use in Designed for doghouses, basements, garages, barns, sheds, porches orany other outdoor shelter.

  • 1. Thermostatically controlled to only warm under the pet
  • 2. Sensing control systerm when animal jumping out.most security and safely
  • 3. An internal thermostat keeps the temperature at a desirable 55 degree C when in use
  • 4. 1.8m of Cable, the first 50cm is armoured to deter your pet from chewing

USB Milk Warmer USB Baby Bottle Warmer Insulation Cover Feeding Bottle Thermostat Outdoor Portable Milk Heating Warmer.

An N95 respirator is a protective respiratory device that fits very close to the face and is designed for efficient filtra.

  • Medical or surgical masks may help reduce the chance of spreading airborne diseases. Many wear them during flu season to avoid infecting others or being infected. They are not designed to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne bacteria or virus particles and are less effective than respirators, such as an N95 mask.

*cold & heater by Electronic Module, convenient-plug into any DC 12 volt cigarette lighter in car and boat, or with any AC plug in home.

Cold: cooling15- 20degree celsius below ambient temperature.

Hot: warms to 55-65 degree celsius by the heater ( thermostat )

Cooling suits with two fans supply fresh air fast by battery powered in apparel ,to help people live in comfortable daily life in hot conditions.

2 recessed fan units located on left and right side, to provide optimum airflow and comfort.

Four grades adjustable wind speed with L.E.D. Indicators plus turbo mode for optimum air circulation and effective cooling.

It is easy to fold and put into the bag without take up too much space. Frivolousness and ventilation, ultraviolet-proof, sunstroke prevention. Popularly suitable for outdoor and indoor activities.

Heating clothing is a global subversive new technological industry revolution, bringing a new experience of heating.

Firefox heated vest give you the warmest companion in winter.

This products passed CE and RoHS and other customized certificates.It is Super safety, over-temperature protection, five-fold protection, warm and safety, fashionable and beautiful, Innovative design, refuse bloated, warm and comfortable.

Instantly Cools - Apply the cooling towel to your head and neck area to instantly cool you down when it is hot, Up to 30% lower surface temperature.

Moisture transportation and Super Absorbent – Absorb sweat and release it quickly to keep the skin dry and comfortable, non-clinging and non-saturating.

Durable - The material is machine washable and extremely durable.

Quality - High quality material that will last a lifetime.

Environmentally – Non-chemical, these raw materials consists exclusively of bamboo charcoal fiber and is considered environmentally friendly, can be recycled and causes no pollution.

Color Fastness – The towel is pre-colored through the solution-dyed process hold color longer than other fibers. During outdoor activity, washing or wear and tear, your towel may still look new.

1 Leisure, outdoors field such as BBQ, picnic, fishing and etc., users can get the cold drink, wine , beer or other items by IceBrick when fridge is not available.

2 Transportation, Ice Brick can be cold source, keep food, fresh, not turn into bad.

3 Medical field, IceGel can be cold source, keep vaccine at low temperature ,to release pain feeling.

4:Pain and inflammation of the perineal area ideal for use after childbirth and or vasectomy procedures.offer the new mom the kind of therapy she needs.to cold compresses the wound. To speed up uterine contractions during postpartum.easepain,detumescence,bacteriostat,relieve itching,drying etc,to prevent postpartum infection.It is also applicable for all perineum cold compress situations,such as after perineal region surgery, after gynecological catheter operation,pruritus perineum etc.

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Our mouth-muffle is not common mouth-muffle,our mouth-muffle is patent product.

Because it has multifunctional painless bandage and sponge mouth-muffle support,different from common mouth-muffle.

1:multifunctional painless bandage application

No need to bind on ears,it will not cause ears uncomfortable feeling if you wear for a long time.it is very suitable for medical industry and food processing industry.and due to ears pain question,childred do not like wearing mouth-muffle.

2:sponge mouth-muffle support application

Keep big space for nose and mouth,good for breathing;girls’s lipstick will not fade.

Suitable for children,medical industry,food processing industry etc.

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