Quality - High quality material that will last a lifetime. Environmentally – Non-chemical, these raw materials consists exclusively of bamboo charcoal fiber and is considered environmentally friendly, can be recycled and causes no pollution. Color Fastness – The towel is pre-colored through the solution-dyed process hold color longer than other fibers. During outdoor activity, washing or wear and tear, your towel may still look new. Releases Far Infrared Ray – The fiber can releases far infrared ray which improve blood circulation and keep the body warm.


Instantly Cools - Apply the cooling towel to your head and neck area to instantly cool you down when it is hot, Up to 30% lower surface temperature. Moisture transportation and Super Absorbent – Absorb sweat and release it quickly to keep the skin dry and comfortable, non-clinging and non-saturating. Durable - The material is machine washable and extremely durable. Quality - High quality material that will last a lifetime.


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