Product Description:Instant Cold Perineal Cold Packs are designed to provide immediate cold therapy to help reduce pain and swelling of the perineal area promoting therapeutic healing. :Pain and inflammation of the perineal area ideal for use after childbirth and or vasectomy procedures.offer the new mom the kind of therapy she cold compresses the wound. To speed up uterine contractions during postpartum.easepain,detumescence,bacteriostat,relieve itching,drying etc,to prevent postpartum infection.It is also applicable for all perineum cold compress situations,such as after perineal region surgery, after gynecological catheter operation,pruritus perineum etc. 1.Do not remove the pack from the bag piror to activating. 2.Locate inner liquid pouch and squeeze firmly to rupture. 3.Shake to thoroughly mix the chemicals and water. 4.Remove from the bag.



Cautions and Warnings: - For external use only. - Harmful if swallowed. - Do not puncture, strike or stpe on the bag. - Keep out of reach of children. - Do not refrigerate or freeze to reuse.


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