Items Wholesale Custom Jacket Heated Hoodie Clothing Winter Wears For Woman Graphene technology is a new material with the strongest tensile strength, rubbing resistance, washing resistance, bending resistance and conductivity in the field of heating technology so far. Heating clothing is a global subversive new technological industry revolution, bringing a new experience of heating. Firefox heated vest give you the warmest companion in winter


Breathable, Eco-Friendly, Waterproof&Windproof,Anti-piling ,light weight, temperature adjustable Function Fast heating,improve blood circulation,enhance metabolism,improve human immune function and relieve pain Heating Hours 4 Hrs -High temperature; 6 Hrs-Midium temperature; 8 Hrs-Low temperature Export Country Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa,Southern Asia, etc 1. Power System: 7.4V ,4400mAh Li-ion USB Power Battery Rechargeable. 2. Fast heating speed: within 3-5 seconds after working. 3. Temperature range: 40°C ~ 60°C(104℉-140℉).


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